The Love You Make

The Love You Make

An Insider's Story of the Beatles

Peter Brown - Author

Steven Gaines - Author

Anthony DeCurtis - Foreword by

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ISBN 9780451207357 | 448 pages | 05 Nov 2002 | NAL | 5.43 x 7.91in | 18 - AND UP
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Newsday called it "the most authoritative and candid look yet at the personal lives...of the oft-scrutinized group." In The Love You Make, Peter Brown, a close friend and business manager of the band-and the best man at John and Yoko's wedding-looks at the four lads from Liverpool who established the greatest music phenomenon of the twentieth century. Written with the full cooperation of each of the group's members and their intimates, this book goes beyond the glitter to tell the inside story of the music, the marriages, the drugs, disagreements, and divorces-everything that made the Fab Four the phenomenon they are.


Chapter One

Chapter Two
The Scene at the "Jac" · Stu Sutcliffe · Baby George Harrison Joins the Beat Scene · Johnny and the Moondogs on the Circuit · Hamburg, a Sexual Disneyland · Johnny and the Moondogs Become the Beatles · Return to Liverpool and a New Professionalism

Chapter Three
Brian Epstein: A Stranger in a Strange Land · Brian Discovers the Beatles · Brian Smitten · Under New Management: The Big Image Change · The Recording Contract · Cynthia's Desperate Play · John Marries Cynthia

Chapter Four
Pete Best Forever—Ringo Never · Richard Starkey's Bit Part · "From Me to You" · The NEMS Stable Begins · Julian Lennon Is Born · Brian and John Tryst in Spain · Paul Meets Jane Asher · Ringo Meets Maureen Cox

Chapter Five
London: Sunday Night at the Palladium and the Royal Command Performance · Brian to New York · The Beatles and Company Move to London

Chapter Six
An American Beachhead: The Ed Sullivan Show · The Seltaeb Fiasco

Chapter Seven
Swinging London · A Hard Day's Night · George Meets Pattie Boyd · ohn In His Own Write · Brian's Cellarful of Noise · Paul's Pocketful of Lawsuits

Chapter Eight
The Bon Voyage Party · First American Assault · Bob Dylan and the Great Turn-On · Nat Weiss · Brian Blows a Fuse

Chapter Nine
Kenwood · Ringo Becomes a Daddy · Help and the Great Tax Dodge · Have a Sugar Cube · NEMS Branches Out · The Saville Theater · Brian's Discontent: Enter Dizz · The Beatles at the Palace

Chapter Ten
Aunt Mimi Gets a House · The Second American Tour · The L.A. Acid Trip · Dizz Gets a Car

Chapter Eleven
Splitting Up the Pie · From Black and White to Color: Rubber Soul and Revolver · Tokyo and Manila: Terror on the Road · Brian's Balance Tips · The "Bigger than Jesus" Scandal · The Beatles' Third American National Tour · Dizz Gillespie's Coup de Grace

Chapter Twelve
The Four-headed Hydra · John's Discontent · On the Loose in London · Magic Alex · John Meets Yoko Ono · Brian's Downhill Slide · The Stigwood Deal

Chapter Thirteen
Paul Discovers America · Brian's Sleepless Sleepcure · Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band · The Arrival of Linda Eastman · The Kingsley Hill Acid Party · The Haight-Ashbury Hate Trip · The Beatles Go Greek · The Beatles Go India: Introducing the Maharishi · The Final Demise of Brian Epstein

Chapter Fourteen
The Magical Mystery Tour · The Seeds of Apple · From Here to the Himalayas: The Untold Story of Rishikesh · Escape from India · John's Confession D'Amour

Chapter Fifteen
Yoko in the Limelight · A Messy Divorce · John and Yoko Retreat: The Heroin Days · Paul McCartney's Black and White Minstrel Show · Jane Asher Makes a Nasty Discovery · The Apple Pie: A Piece for Everyone · The White Album

Chapter Sixteen
Targets of the People: John and Yoko on the Cross · Two Virgins · Won't You Please Let It Be

Chapter Seventeen
Eastman and Eastman Meet the Beatles · Allen Klein Meets the Beatles and Eastman and Eastman · The NEMS Battle · The Setup of Pattie and George · John and Yoko's Quickie Wedding · Peace: The Amsterdam Bed-in · A Call to Arms: The Northern Songs Battle · The Only Winner Is Klein

Chapter Eighteen
The Power of Publicity: John and Yoko Go Public · "Cold Turkey" · Toronto Rock and Roll Festival · John Off the Edge · In Pursuit of Peace and Kyoko in Denmark · John Discovers Dr. Janov · John and Yoko Discover L.A. · Paul Is Dead but Alive and Well in Scotland · McCartney, Abbey Road and Let It Be · And in the End

Chapter Nineteen
George, Ringo, and Paul—From Then Till Now

Chapter Twenty
The Search for Kyoko · John and Yoko Discover New York · John and the White House Follies · Uncle Sam Wants You Out · Paranoia Runs Deep · The L.A. Lost Weekend: 18 Months in Hell · Together Again

Chapter Twenty-One
The Househusband Years: John as a Father · The Dakota Hermitage · The Big Comeback: Starting Over · Mark David Chapman · The Spirit of Yoko Ono


Cynthia Lennon's Rude Awakening · Romance Blooms in Liverpool · John Lennon's Childhood: Double Desertion · Aunt Mimi and Mendips · The Skiffle Craze · John Meets Paul McCartney · Paul as a Young Boy

The best backstage memoir yet of the most amazing musical phenomenon of our times. (Washington Post Book World)

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