India Grows At Night

A Liberal Case for A Strong State

Gurcharan Das - Author

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ISBN 9780670084708 | 12 Dec 2012 | Penguin Global | 5.31 x 8.50in | 18 - AND UP
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Indians wryly admit that “India grows at night.” But that is only half the saying; the full expression is: “India grows at night…when the government sleeps,” suggesting that the nation may be rising despite the state. India's is a tale of private success and public failure. Prosperity is, indeed, spreading across the country even as governance failure pervades public life. But how could a nation become one of the world's fastest-growing economies when it is governed by a weak, ineffective state? And wouldn't it be wonderful if India also grew during the day—in other words, if public policy supported private enterprise? What India needs, Gurcharan Das says, is a strong liberal state. Such a state would have the authority to take quick, decisive action; it would have the rule of law to ensure those actions are legitimate; and finally, it would be accountable to the people. But achieving this will not be easy, says Das, because India has historically had a weak state and a strong society.

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