A Shattered Nation

Elizabeth Abbott - Author

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ISBN 9781468301601 | 496 pages | 21 Jul 2011 | Overlook | 18 - AND UP
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Haiti is the definitive inside account of the Duvaliers--father and son--and their legacy. In 1803, the enslaved people of Haiti vanquished their French masters after a bloody war that left tens of thousands dead. In 1986, Haitians celebrated victory, as Baby Doc Duvalier fled to France, ending three decades of brutal dictatorship. The Duvalier regime slaughtered at least 50,000 people, many in the infamous Fort Dimanche. Duvalierism drove a million people into exile, cowed the six million who remained, and tortured hundreds of thousands.

In this updated edition, Abbott ably shows how the Duvaliers' legacy shaped modern Haiti as she traces the repercussions of their actions to the present day, and the disastrous earthquake that shook the world.

Praise for Haiti:

"The best book in depth on the Haitian situation that I have ever read. " --Graham Greene

"Elizabeth Abbott portrays a depth of misery and exploitation which, it might be said without disrespect to Graham Greene, he was only able to hint at." --Newsday

"Riveting." -- The Economist

"This book is powerfully composed with a dense rush of events and documentation. " --Los Angeles Times "Abbott draws a forceful portrait of a tyrant who gradually destroyed the country's agricultural base while massacring all dissent--the amount of grotesque violence in these pages is breathtaking--to create a poster child for international aid . . . More than two decades later, Abbott's theory of Duvalierism's enduring legacy holds water." --Kirkus

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