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Little Alfred

Little Alfred is Sally May and Loper's son and Hank's closest human friend. Sworn by his Cowdog Oath to "protect and defend all innocent children against all manner of monsters and evil things," Hank has often snatched the mischievous Little Alfred from the jaws of disaster. Dog and boy also share a very special form of communication. Here, Alfred reveals his uncanny ability to read Hank's mind...

"Ordinarily, I'm not tempted by sweets. I've always figgered that too much sweets makes a dog soft. It ain't the hardship that ruins a good dog; it's the easy life.
On the other hand, we don't often get recognition in this line of work. We don't demand it, we don't expect it, we go on and do our job without it. But when it comes, a guy kind of hates to turn it down.
Here was this little fellow, offering me a small reward for a job well done. What could I do? I licked the icing off his finger. He got some more and, well, I took that too. Pretty good stuff. He kept dipping and I kept licking.
He really got a kick out of that. He was laughing and squealing and having a wonderful time....
I took a bite and he took a bite. Me and Little Alfred had become the best of friends, is what happened. It was one of them unexpected magic moments when two of God's creatures sit down and share some of the good things in this life: friendship and cake....

(from: Hank the Cowdog #5: Faded Love
Illustration by Gerald L. Holmes from Hank the Cowdog #5: Faded Love )

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