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Eddy the Rac

Eddy the Rac is a mischievous young raccoon with a reputation for getting into trouble. Hank knows that Eddy can mean bad news, but somehow, he always seems to get the best of our hero.

Here, Hank tells what happens the first time Slim leaves him to keep an eye on Eddy:

Oh boy. This hurts. Better just face it, blurt it out, and let the pieces fall where the chips fly.

Okay, here goes.

I crawled into the cage, knowing in my deepest heart of hearts that it couldn't possibly be an elevator, and yet I wanted to be totally fair about this and give Eddy the Rac every opportunity to prove his theory, his wild, stupid, phony theory, that the case was actually an elevator.

I was trying to be a nice guy who would go the second mile for a friendship and give this sneaky little raccoon the benefit of the doubt, even though I'd had a long history of bad dealings with his kinfolks.

So what did I get for being a nice guy? As soon as I got myself scrunched into the cage, he said, "Going up," stepped outside, and closed and latched the door.

I, uh, waited for the elevator to go up. It didn't. Instead, I found myself locked inside Eddy's cage, while Eddy was outside on my ranch.

(From: Hank the Cowdog #23: Moonlight Madness
Illustration by Gerald L. Holmes)

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