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High Loper is Hank's master and manager of the ranch that Hank so proudly protects. A cowboy through and through, Loper is more at home on a horse than anywhere else. He doesn't let himself be bothered by the finer points of ranch management. In this episode, we can see how Loper and Slim handle repairs to the feed barn:
"Instead of arming themselves with ropes and spurs, as usual, they had brought hammers and saws and pry bars. They had even brought a device that I had thought was against the law on our outfit: a tape measure....

And away they went, hacking and sawing and pounding. Would you care to listen in on one of their high-tech conversations? Okay, they had just sawed two boards and were putting them in place.

Loper: 'Do they fit?'

Slim: 'Nope.'

Loper: 'Are they close?'

Slim: 'Nope.'

Loper: 'Do they touch?'

Slim: 'Yep, barely.'

Loper: 'Nail 'em. We ain't building pianos.'"

(From: Hank the Cowdog #26: The Case of the Kidnapped Collie
Illustration by Gerald L. Holmes from Hank the Cowdog #6: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie)

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