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Hank the Cowdog

Slim Chance

Slim is a cowboy and a bachelor from the top of his hat to the tip of his spurs. Almost a human version of Hank, Slim and the Head of Ranch Security have shared many adventures (and misadventures). There's a special bond between dog and cowboy. Once they even spent Christmas Eve together.

"That night was Christmas Eve, and old Slim was feeling so generous and full of holiday cheer that he let me and Drover into the house again. In fact, he let me occupy the place of honor in front of the stove.

He'd cut a scrubby little cedar tree up in the canyons that afternoon. He set it up in a corner, and after he'd burned himself some supper, he started decorating the tree.

He cut some pretty pictures out of a magazine and tied them on with string. He wedged some apples and oranges against limbs and hung his spurs out on the ends of a couple of others. Then he took his foil chewing tobacco pouch and made a star out of it, and he put the star right up on tippy top of the tree.

Then he stood back and said, 'What do you think, Hank? I believe we've got ourselves a Christmas tree.'"

(From: Hank the Cowdog #4. Murder in the Middle Pasture
Illustration by Gerald L. Holmes from Hank the Cowdog #4. Murder in the Middle Pasture)

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