The Story
Beginnings...they bend the tree and they mark the man...

The Trailsman is one of the most beloved adult Western series on shelves today, and stands out amongst the herd. The hero, Skye Fargo, isn't a mere cowboy or lawman—he's the very definition of the larger-than-life wanderer, a man who's never content to lay down in the same spot twice. Fargo can track his prey like an Apache, match wits with the sharpest sheriff, shoot faster and straighter than the steadiest gunfighter, and woo the wildest of ladies.

A hoof print in the desert sand, a broken twig, a bent leaf of grass—the trail is an open book for Fargo. He understands the land better than any other white man, and he's the first on the list when the Army needs a top-notch scout to lead them through Indian country. Fargo won't hesitate to help out a desperate wagon train heading to Oregon, or track down a rampaging killer. Where there's danger, Skye Fargo is close on its heels.

'The Trailsman' is what they began to call him all across the West: searcher, scout, hunter, the man who could see where others only looked...

Skye Fargo first rode into the pages of Western lore in 1980 with the publication of the very first Trailsman novel, Seven Wagons West. Since then, Signet has published at least twelve books a year, with Fargo roaming all over the American West. He has visited locations as remote as the wilds of Alaska, as exotic as the kingdom of Hawaii, and as off the beaten track—at least Fargo's track—as New York City.

But Fargo's true home is in the saddle on his trusted Ovaro stallion, exploring the hidden trails, remote forests, and high mountain passes that represent what Trailsman fans have come to love about their hero—freedom.

Skye Fargo, the Trailsman, and the seeker who could take the wildness of a land and the wanting of a woman and make them his own...

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