Guidelines – Second Serial use (Non-profit magazines only)

Please make your request in writing as soon as you know what material you wish to use and have the necessary details.

Your written request should include the following information about our material:

  • The title of our book (not your source book if that is other than our book)
  • Our author's, editor's and translator's full name
  • Identify the material by title and/or chapter and/or pages (only if your source is our book) and the author and translator, if they are different from the book;
  • Identify figures, illustrations, charts, cartoons, etc. Providing copies of the material is often the best. (N.B. always check for credit information for these items. The acknowledgment may credit another source, in which case you should direct your inquiry as noted, not to us.)
  • Include Publisher/Imprint (e.g. Viking, Perigee, Dutton, Donald I. Fine, Putnam, Tarcher, Penguin, NAL, Signet, etc.)
  • ISBN of our book, if available.

Your request should include the following information about your use:

  • Name and mailing address of the Magazine Publisher.
  • Name of the Magazine.
  • How often does the Magazine publish?
  • What if any is the cover price?
  • What is the circulation of the Magazine?
  • What territory do you require for the distribution of the Magazine?
  • In which issue is our material scheduled to publish?
  • Name, mailing address and email address of the requestor.

If the book is a collection, anthology, textbook, magazine, or any publication other than ours, review the copyright acknowledgment page(s) to locate the information pertaining to the original source for the material you wish to use. That information is relevant to your request and you should go to that original source as a reference for your request.

If your source is a paperback, please check the copyright page carefully to determine the original hardcover publisher, or with which publisher arrangements were made for publication of the paperback and make your application to the original U.S. publisher.

Send Written requests to:

Apply via our Permissions web site (preferred)

By US Mail: Permissions Department, Penguin Group (USA) Inc. 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

By fax: (212) 366-2943

By e-mail: (Adult titles only.)

Please note that the Juvenile Permissions Department does NOT accept requests via email.

The main Adult Permissions phone number is (212) 366-2684.
The main Juvenile Permissions phone number is (212) 366-2241.

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