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A Rather Remarkable Homecoming
by C.A. Belmond

With her trademark wit, wisdom and verve, C.A. Belmond's eagerly awaited new novel features the delightful American heroine Penny Nichols and her beloved English hero Jeremy Laidley, a "simpatico duo" (Publishers Weekly) who truly enjoy each other's company as they take on the world together . . . in work (they have their own eccentric investigating agency) and at play (they've unexpectedly inherited a windfall) . . . in good times (globe-trotting to Europe's most glamorous locales) . . . and in life's dicey moments (when their suspenseful sleuthing lands them in hot water).

As Penny and Jeremy return to London from their honeymoon, they are greeted by quirky friends of Prince Charles bearing a rather noble mission for the duo: to rescue a seacoast village in Cornwall, England which is in peril of being bulldozed by predatory real-estate moguls. And it just so happens that Penny's grandmother's house-by-the-sea is first in line for demolition...unless Penny and Jeremy can find proof that Grandma's house has major historical value.

Amid Celtic lore and tales of Shakespeare, smugglers and shipwrecks, Penny and Jeremy's new adventure takes them to the lush island of Madeira and the legendary castle of Tintagel, in a race against time to find the astonishing truth about a village in Cornwall, England—the land of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca and Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles.