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Read excerpts from Married to Me by Dayanara Torres

Married to Me
Married to Me

Dayanara Torres
Jeannette Torres-Alvarez



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Read the Opening Letters from Married to Me, by coauthors Dayanara Torres and Jeannette Torres-Alvarez


I remember thinking, over and over again, what a shame it was that I wasted that dress. I know it was a silly thing to mourn, but it was so much easier than mourning the heavy things, my marriage, for instance. But it was a great dress. It was exactly the kind of dress I used to describe to my sister, Jeannette Torres-Alvarez, whom I refer to as Jinny, all of those afternoons after school when we spent countless teenage hours discussing weddings, boys, and bridesmaids. Of course, we never discussed breakups, divorces, or what to wear to a settlement hearing, but Lord knows we have spent countless adult hours discussing these very topics.

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Read the Introduction and an excerpt from Part One: Acceptance


In case you want to get your money back before you break the binding, I want to tell you this is not a tell-all book. Far from it. First of all, we work very hard to maintain a healthy family identity. Second, I could never make my divorce as interesting or dramatic as the tabloids made it out to be. Honestly, it wasn't actually that ugly. We didn't fight over a single kitchen appliance. That's how dramatic our divorce proceedings were.

That's not to say my divorce was an easy experience. My God, no. I just didn't care enough about the blender to spend my days fighting over it. I had other things to do, and to worry about, like my kids and my future. In the meantime, however, I spent a good deal of time crying, I watched hours of Lifetime movies, and I ate more than my fair share of comfort food. You need to do whatever it takes to get your head out of the stress, pain, and anxiety. I highly recommend losing a few hours—hell, even a whole day—to Lifetime movies. I promise you, your life will seem less pathetic in comparison. The comfort foods? Any comfort food is most definitely allowed. It's all allowed. Whatever works, whatever makes you feel any better about this mess is allowed.

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