Dear Reader Letter from Robin Owens and Excerpt
from Heart Journey

Welcome to Celta!

Writing a series, especially one that includes soul mates, presents a challenge on how to keep the stories fresh and the conflict between the characters different.  Not only is this a "city mouse/country mouse" story, but Del is older than Raz, and thus it is she who searches for her HeartMate and finds him, and woos him.

Celta is a place of magical powers and telepathic Familiar companions—mostly cats with attitude (redundant), though in Heart Journey we meet a FamFox who is friends with Helena D'Elecampane, the premiere cartographer of the planet.  Her man, Raz Cherry, is a rising star in the theaters—and doesn't know he's fated to love Del.

She yearns for open spaces and the next stretch of road around the bend.  He thrives on applause.  And the Fams are there, as always, to encourage and irritate and amuse their companions.

Heart Journey moves out of the city and into the wilds of Celta—the secondary town of Gael City, a special canyon, and another visit to the Great Labyrinth.

Another pleasure in continuing a series is having old friends drop in as necessary.  Need a Healer? Here's Lark Holly.  Need someone who will adopt an orphan...and be an ex-lover for Del? Why Straif T'Blackthorn fits that bill.

Heart Journey takes place in summer, with hot days in the city.  I hope you will enjoy spending some of your summer hours spending time on Celta.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again,


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