Dear Reader Letter from Jessica Andersen on Storm Kissed
Author, Jessica Andersen

Dear Reader,

I don't know about you, but I love reunion romances. I love the idea that maybe some of the "almosts" in life are cases where we met the right people at the wrong time, and that maybe, just maybe, fate will bring us circling back to each other once more when the timing is better.

I also love stories where the hero comes back from the dead. Since I write dark, sexy paranormals, I should probably clarify that in my new release, Storm Kissed, we're not talking actually dead here—instead, the hero, Mendez, has faked his death to get the human authorities off his back while he hooks up with the Nightkeepers, a group of magic-wielding warriors sworn to defend mankind against the 2012 doomsday. Little does he realize that even after all the bad things he's done to his childhood best friend (and first and only love), human bounty hunter Reese Montana, she's still heartbroken over his death, and mourns the man he could have been. That is, until a mysterious invitation lures her to the Mayan ruins of Mexico, and a familiar stranger hints that Mendez is still alive and needs her help to defeat an ancient prophecy…

This reunion isn't a case of the fates bringing them back together because the timing is better—exactly the opposite in fact! With demons attacking from the underworld, the Nightkeepers' king in dire straits, and a rogue servant who knows too much about Mendez's magic determined to use him with evil intent, Mendez and Reese are in serious trouble. Add in their crackling chemistry and the soul-deep drive of a Nightkeeper mage to find and win his true mate, and we're in for a heck of a wild ride.

I'm excited to share Storm Kissed with you, and hope you enjoy reading about Reese and Mendez as much as I loved writing their sexy, storm-crossed story.

Be well, and happy reading,

Jessica Andersen


Storm Kissed
Storm Kissed

Jessica Andersen

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