The Eternal Kiss Quiz

(Note: There are no right or wrong answers in this open-ended quiz)

1. Which Mark of the Vampire paven are you most loyal to?

a. Alexander
b. Nicholas
c. Lucian
d. Gray
e. I haven't met him yet

2. Where would you like your favorite paven to bite you?

a. Neck
b. Wrist
c. Inner thigh
d. Below the breast
e. If I tell you I'd have to kill you

3. Where would your favorite paven flash with you?

a. Deserted sandy beach where we could be alone
b. Top of the Empire State building
c. In his bed in the Soho house
d. The lighthouse in Montauk
e. His home credenti. I want to see how he grew up.

4. If you were able to become a Pureblood veana, what food would you miss the most?

a. Pizza
b. Cupcakes
c. Chips
d. Salad
e. Nothing. My paven's blood is all I would ever want and need

5. Which veana are you most like?

a. Sara
b. Bronwyn
c. Dillon

6. If you came from/grew up in a credenti, where would it be?

a. New York City
b. New Orleans
c. France
d. Africa
e. Greece

7. If you could name a Mark of the Vampire book, what title would you choose?

a. Eternal Blood
b. Eternal Savage
c. Eternal Man Candy
d. Eternal Beast
e. Eternal Desire

8. Your True Mate is coming for you! He'd better have…

a. Flowers and candy
b. A trip planned to my favorite exotic destination
c. Bubble bath, candles and wine
d. His fangs ready and his pants off

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