Dear Reader Letter and Excerpt from Kimberly Frost's All That Bleeds

Dear Reader,

Stories come to life in many different ways. In the case of my new paranormal romantic suspense series, it began with a dark hero and the dream of a world that had been forever changed by a supernatural event—a vampire plague that threatened mankind's existence.

When All That Bleeds begins, Alissa, a descendent of the ancient muses, meets Merrick, a syndicate enforcer who's been sent to kill a rogue demon. Alissa and Merrick should never have met. She's an heiress. He's a hired assassin. But from the moment they speak to each other, the attraction is palpable and their chemistry drives the story.

He comes from a very rough background. She's a world-famous source of inspiration. The laws of the Etherlin, the pristine Rocky Mountain community where the muses live, prevent Merrick, a half-vampire, from even entering her home city. As is often the case, we want what we can't have. Barred from having a relationship, he sends her secret gifts and she writes him secret letters. Because she's under tremendous pressure, the temptation to make Merrick a confidante haunts her.

The thing that fascinates me most about Merrick is his ability to be what a situation calls for. Under syndicate interrogation, he never buckles under pressure. In deadly situations, he's unflappable and fearless, but there is one thing that concerns him: the safety of the woman he's never even kissed. When Alissa's in trouble, he's unstoppable. Risking his own life to protect her is the opening he's been waiting for, an opportunity to get close to her.

When she's abducted, they realize that someone from her inner circle has betrayed her. They also learn that the supernatural syndicate wants her for their own purpose, and things become progressively more perilous as they try to unravel who is conspiring against her and why.

Amidst the danger, Merrick learns to open up and Alissa finds that sometimes the most dangerous creatures can be hiding good intentions and deep passions.

I hope you're intrigued enough to enter the world I've created in All That Bleeds. I promise that if you enjoy dark paranormal romances, this story of star-crossed lovers is for you.

Happy New Year!

Kimberly Frost

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All That Bleeds
All That Bleeds

Kimberly Frost

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