Dear Reader Letter, Book Trailer, and Excerpt from Laura Wright's Eternal Kiss
Author, Laura Wright

Dear Reader, Friend, and Fellow Lover of Romance,

It's April, the beginning of Spring! Time for renewal and rebirth—the perfect time for Nicky's story to be told, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

First of all, I want to welcome you back to the "Mark of the Vampire" series. Since October when Eternal Hunger was published, I've heard from so many of you who enjoyed Alexander and Sara's story. You have no idea how wonderful it is to connect with you, hear your thoughts about Alexander and Sara, and your hopes for what's to come. My hope is that you continue on this journey with me, into the lives and loves of the Sons and Daughters of the Breeding Male. I promise it'll be one hell of a ride. : )

As many of you know, Nicholas's book, Eternal Kiss comes out this month, but the thing you may not know is that his story was quite a surprise to me. When I first wrote Nicky in Eternal Hunger I knew of his past in France, what he was forced to do as a balas (vampire child)—and I knew his current mistakes. But I had no idea they would haunt him as deeply as they do in Eternal Kiss. He is truly brought to his knees with grief and shame, and that horrible feeling of dread one gets when the world of lies they've created comes crashing down all around them. But of course, I wouldn't leave him in the sun alone to burn. There is someone out there who has the potential to save him, while also possibly being saved herself.

Eternal Kiss is a dark story. It really is. But it had to be to tell Nicky's story with truth and heart—and honestly, without the dark, how would we ever know to go searching for the light?

I truly hope you enjoy Eternal Kiss. Please let me know what you think by shooting me an email or stopping by my wild and wonderful, Facebook Author page!

Happy Reading,


P.S. For all those who requested it, Eternal Kiss will contain a glossary! : )

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Eternal Kiss
Eternal Kiss

Laura Wright

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