Dear Reader Letter from Joey Hill on In the Company of Witches

Dear Reader:

When I was learning to be a romance writer, there was a recommended exercise that involved listing a lot of different careers/personality types in one column for your heroine, another for your hero, and then randomly matching them up to see if the unexpected combinations incited a creative spark. Over time, authors do it intuitively when we tap the muse, but it's still a lot of fun when it pops into our heads.

Like the hero and heroine of the upcoming In the Company of Witches. Raina is half-succubus but all witch, with a major attitude toward authority. A savvy business woman, she runs a bordello staffed by pure blood succubi and incubi. Though neither Heaven nor Hell approve of the dangers of bringing sex demons into such intimate contact with humans, she's a powerful enough witch to manage the risk—and tell the Powers-That-Be to mind their own business!

So, who's my hero? Mikhael is a Dark Guardian, which basically means he's an Underworld cop. He also has part-angel blood. He's on the trail of an incubus fugitive who seeks asylum at Raina's place. Raina has seen too many of her kind hunted down and killed just for being who they are. It doesn't matter that Dark Guardians are all-powerful, kick-ass denizens of the Underworld. She's not about to take Mikhael's word for it that this incubus is a bad seed, even though he's stolen an object of great value from Lucifer. When she and Mikhael strike an unlikely truce to get to the bottom of why he took it and for whom, erotic sparks fly.

Opposites attract because they're puzzle pieces. Through conflict and desire, they chisel away at the differences until the hearts mesh like the interlacing of hands. Joining Mikhael and Raina on that journey was a lot of fun, because Mikhael is a dangerous predator who prefers Armani, and Raina is a child of nature who keeps her bare feet in contact with the earth—even while casting a spell that can incinerate a city block. Mikhael is all about justice, Raina is all about emotion and feeling. However, while they go at right and wrong from different angles, they find that love brings its own kind of balance.

Hope you'll enjoy this second book in the "Arcane Shot" series. Look for Derek and Ruby, my hero and heroine from the first book, Something About Witches, to make an appearance to help Mikhael and Raina fight the forces of darkness!

Joey W. Hill


In the Company of Witches
In the Company of Witches

Joey W. Hill

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