Dear Reader Letter and Excerpt from Nalini Singh's Archangel's Storm

Dear Reader,

I'm delighted to have this chance to chat to you about Archangel's Storm.

When I first began the Guild Hunter series, Jason was a shadow, a spymaster without compare. He's remained a dark mystery through the previous four books, a man who knows how to keep a secret—and how to uncover one.

He intrigued me from the start, but I was always aware he wouldn't be an easy character to get to know. No, Jason is an angel who prefers to keep his own counsel. Even as I began his book, he remained an enigma as fascinating as the tattoo that marks his face.

His heroine, Mahiya, too, is a woman used to keeping dangerous secrets. Raised in the lavish, poisonous environs of the Archangel Neha's court, Mahiya has lived a life that means she trusts no one—least of all an enemy spymaster who sees far more than he should.

With two such complex, contained characters at its heart, Archangel's Storm is a slow dance of a book, intimate and intense. Each new interaction between Jason and Mahiya reveals another layer of their personalities, shows us another glimpse of who they are together.

The setting for this book is as unusual and as unique as the characters. Neha's court is one we've heard about in previous books, but never experienced. In Archangel's Storm, we fly right into the center of the sprawling fort that is the domain of the archangel known as the Queen of Snakes, of Poisons—as the steel and glass column of light that is New York's Archangel Tower suits Raphael, the ancient fortified complex high on a ridgeline suits Neha.

Strong and battle-ready, and yet with a lush richness within, Neha's fort is based on the ancient forts I was lucky enough to see during my trip to India last year. I'll be uploading photos from these forts onto my travel diary on release day — I hope you'll come by to visit.

I loved having this chance to explore the enigmatic spymaster with his wings of black, and to learn about Mahiya, an angel who is far more than she appears at first glance. But most of all, I loved seeing Jason and Mahiya's journey to one another, though that journey is nothing easy, nothing simple.

I hope, you, too, enjoy flying into the heart of the storm.

Best wishes,




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Nalini Singh

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