Dear Reader Letter and Excerpt from Shiloh Walker's Hunter's Rise

Dear Reader,

Some characters are so vivid, even from very beginning. Toronto was one of those. He came onto the page full of sex appeal, full of attitude and this rough sort of charm. One of those guys who had the ability to lead, but he never really wanted to do it.

Of course, he had issues following orders, too. He won't lead, he won't follow, and he won't stay out of the way, either. He just doesn't play well with others and that's sort of a problem. He's a Hunter and they usually have to work together at some point.

To sum it up, he was a handful…and a werewolf with a sarcastic sense of humor, a knack for getting in trouble and a fondness for picking fights. With anybody.

He makes it a habit to coast through life and then life decides to throw him a curveball, the form of a mercenary by the name of Sylvia.

Sylvia doesn't like Hunters. They are all about rules and right now, they are letting those rules get in the way of justice. She's on a hunt of her own, tracking down a monstrous killer and all she needs to do is avoid the Hunters while she's in their territory. Find her prey. Kill him. Get out. Should be easy, right?

She didn't count on the sexy werewolf and she never could have counted on her attraction to him. It shouldn't matter. She has a job to do and nothing is going to get in her way.

But my job was to make sure the two of them got in each other's way…a lot. And man, did that ever happen. I had a lot of fun watching the two of them circle around each other and once they finally stopped circling? Talk about fireworks.

Hope you enjoy their journey as much as I did. It was quite a ride…

Shiloh Walker

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Hunter's Rise

Shiloh Walker

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