Dear Reader Letter, Excerpt, and Book Trailer from Laura Wright on Eternal Beast

Dear Readers,

You know who I am. The veana who refuses to be contained, refuses to be ruled, refuses to be loved. The veana who has from an early age been different from her kind, a cast off — and perhaps reveled in it a little too much. I was taken in, true. It was a better fate than most of my mutore brethren received. Most were thrown out like trash or killed before they could take another breath. But in that saving grace that was my adoption, I grew to see the ugly truth in others.

It is a question I ask myself often: Would it have been better to go the way of my mutore brothers and sisters? A quick and shallow grave… Or was I saved for some reason? For some one?


He comes to mind, has since the day we met at the Romans', far too often and intensely. It is as though my body, my…beast, recognizes him. I have never been able to deny my beast when it scratches its desire on my unbeating heart.

But will he accept me when he knows the truth of who and what I am?

Will he help me, as only he can?

You're thinking I don't deserve someone like him after how I've behaved, aren't you? But understand this, I don't set out to hurt him. It's just with Gray…with whatever it is between us —fireworks, dynamite, admiration…I can't seem to let him walk out of my life.

Your selfish and Eternal Beast,


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Eternal Beast
Eternal Beast

Laura Wright

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