Dear Reader Letter from Jennifer Ashley on Tiger Magic

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to the world of Shifters Unbound!

Tiger Magic (June, 2013), is a very special book in the Shifters series. The hero is Tiger—the Shifter with no name, no family, no idea of existence outside the research facility that created him. Rescued from the cage in which he'd lived, Tiger is sent to the Austin Shiftertown, where he must learn how to function in the world.

Tiger exists the best he can, getting by with the help of other Shifters, until he spies Carly Randal stuck on the side of the road, her car broken down.

Tiger is struck at once how right she is and decides that the curvaceous woman with the green eyes and vibrant chatter will be his mate.

Carly finds Tiger, the first Shifter she's ever met, to be intriguing, not to mention hot as all get-out. She gives him a ride, stopping first at her boyfriend's to return the defunct car. When they arrive, Carly gets the shock of her life, and Tiger steps in to defend her.

Once Tiger ignites, he can't be stopped. Half the cops in the county have to bring him down with bullets and tranqs, putting Tiger in the hospital. He heals quickly, but he's unmanageable, and the other Shifters fear he'll have to be killed.

Until Carly walks in. When Tiger hears her voice, scents her, he calms, and knows he needs her by his side, always.

The human government, however, and the other Shifters, fear what Tiger is and what he was made for. The government sends agents to find out and to stop him. The other Shifters just want to stop him.

Carly must convince the rest of the world that Tiger can be trusted, and show them how gentle he is with her, before it's too late.

Read more about Tiger and Carly's romance and the rest of the Shifters series, including excerpts on my website.

Welcome back to Shiftertown, and enjoy your stay!

Jennifer Ashley


Tiger Magic
Tiger Magic

Jennifer Ashley

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