Dear Reader Letter from Meljean Brook on Guardian Demon

Dear Reader,

This is it: Michael's story. For those of you who have been following the Guardian series, you know what a long road it has been. You know that Michael has led the Guardians and protected humankind from demons for thousands of years. You know the sacrifices that Michael has made; you know the torture he's endured in the frozen fields of Hell. You know that he bound his mind and body to one woman — Detective Andromeda Taylor — and you know that he betrayed her trust when he was trying to protect her.

And you knew that his story would have to be bigger than any that have come before.

Because this is it, finally — Michael's book, the last book in the Guardian series. Everything has been leading up to this. The Guardians have had their victories and their defeats, but never before have they faced a threat like the one coming for them now, as Lucifer plots to return to Earth and bring with him the torments of Hell and the dragons of Chaos. Never before has mankind hovered so close to the brink of destruction, and Michael has never before faced a challenge like this. He needs every Guardian by his side...and he needs Andromeda Taylor more than any other. But although Taylor wants to save the world, she doesn't want him.

Now Michael has more than just a fight against Lucifer on his hands — he has to fight to win Taylor's trust again. Because all Hell is about to break loose, and win or lose, the fate of Michael's life, his heart, and his very soul rest in her hands.

So this is it. The end. The fate of the world. The epic fight between Guardians and demons. Michael and Taylor's story. Finally.

And it is much, much bigger than anything that has come before. I hope you love it.

Happy reading,



Guardian Demon