Dear Reader Letter from Nalini Singh on Archangel's Legion

Dear Reader,

Archangel's Legion is the sixth book in the Guild Hunter series, and the fourth book featuring Elena and Raphael. Action, excitement, mystery, Archangel's Legion is a roller coaster of a story, but what I loved most about writing this book was getting to further explore Elena and Raphael's relationship.

The idea of an immortal and a mortal falling in love is a concept we often see in books or movies, but stories about what happens next are far more infrequent. And yet for me, that's just as compelling a journey. After all, Elena now has to learn to live in a world dramatically different from everything she's ever before known. The rules are myriad and subtle (and often frustrating), and power exists on a vastly different scale.

Of course, it's not only Elena who has to learn to adjust to a new life. Raphael, too, has never before experienced anything akin to the love he feels for his hunter. In Archangel's Consort he had to come to terms with the fact that though Elena—his heartbeat—is painfully vulnerable to the machinations of his enemies, he can't surround her in steely protection. To do that would be to clip her wings, strike a crippling wound.

In this book, their relationship develops further, as they truly start to find their footing now that the foundations have been laid. Yes, they fight—one of my favorite scenes in the book is of a sparring session between the two of them where knives are involved (remember, this is a hunter and an archangel we're talking about!)—but they're bonded to one another on an unshakable level.

It's not about falling in love any longer. It's about fighting for, and nurturing that love against everything the world can throw at them. And since this is a world of archangels and vampires, it can get brutal, the ride a wild one—but it's a ride Elena and Raphael are determined to take together.

No matter what.

I hope you enjoy Archangel's Legion, and the next stage in the complex, fascinating dance between a stubborn hunter and her equally strong-willed archangel. All they have to do is survive impossible plagues, rivers turning to blood, and other archangels become monsters. Easy, right?

Happy reading!