Dear Reader Letter and Playlist from Stephanie Tyler for Dire Desires

Dear Reader,

I can't believe it's time for book 3 of the Eternal Wolf Clan series to be released! I can still vividly remember meeting Rifter for the first time, and being so excited about the world of Dire wolves he introduced me to.

There's Rifter, King of the immortal Dires and his Queen Gwen. And there's everyone's favorite, Vice, along with Stray, the youngest of the pack, plus twins Rogue and Jinx. Along the way, they've lost and picked up a witch (Seb and Kate), adopted twin Weres named Cain and Cyd, helped Liam become king of the Weres after his father was brutally murdered. And they stopped a world-wide plot by a nefarious witch that would have enslaved wolves and humans alike.

Just a normal day in the life for wolves on Harleys.

In Dire Desires, we follow Jinx as he finds a Dire female named Gillian. She's been placed in a psychiatric hospital and she's rapidly approaching her twenty-first birthday, which is when Dire wolves experience their first shifts into wolf form. But Gillian has no idea she's a wolf, and Jinx needs to tread very carefully with her.

He wants to help her, but he never expects to fall in love with her. But Gillian is so much stronger than he'd ever realized, and she's the one who can truly help him regain his place in the family of the Dires.

Dire Desires also explores the relationship between Jinx and Jez, an immortal vampire from a secret clan. They share a strong bond, and they're one of my favorite parts of this book. I love guy banter. :) Together, they must find a way to send the monsters let loose from purgatory back where they belong.

So there you have it—wolves, action and romance, all of my favorites rolled together. I truly hope you enjoy Jinx, Gillian and the rest of the clan!

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Stephanie Tyler

Below is my playlist for Dire Desires— I always create a soundtrack as I start writing the book (or sometimes before) to help center me back into the world and the characters.


Dire Desires
Dire Desires

Stephanie Tyler

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