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J.D. Tyler's Top Ten Facts about her Alpha Pack series

Are you new to the world of the Alpha Pack? When starting any series, especially one that contains a detailed paranormal world, there are certain facts it's helpful to know beforehand in order to have an enjoyable reading experience.

Without further ado, here are some important insight into the Alpha Pack world, Letterman-style :

  1. The original members of the Pack were Navy SEALs stationed in Afghanistan. While on a mission, they were attacked by rogue wolf shifters and turned. The government then helped them form the Alpha Pack—a black ops team of shifters that helps protect the world from lethal human and non-human predators.
  2. Each shifter possesses at least one type of Psy gift, such as moving objects with the mind, starting fires, seeing the future or the past, speaking telepathically to another person, teleporting, speaking to ghosts, etc.
  3. Once a shifter meets his mate, he has a limited amount of time to claim her before he becomes sick. Remaining unmated after that will ultimately result in death.
  4. Shifters do not need protection when they make love, as they do not naturally carry or pass STD's.
  5. Though sexually insatiable, a male shifter cannot impregnate a female who is not his true mate. He also cannot become aroused by another female once he has met his mate.
  6. The Alpha Pack team was created by bites from rogue wolf shifters, but their commander, Nick Westfall, is a born shifter. The team has no idea that their leader is more than two hundred years old and carries the burden of a tragic past.
  7. The original team members (Navy SEALs who were turned) are: Jaxon Law (silver wolf, RetroCog), Aric Savage (red wolf, Firestarter/Telekinetic), Zander Cole (black wolf, Healer), Ryon Hunter (silver wolf, Channeler/Telepath), Raven DeLuca (black wolf/TBD), Micah Chase (brown wolf, Dreamwalker), and Phoenix (TBD).
  8. Newer Pack members: Commander Nick Westfall (rare white born wolf, former FBI Special Agent/PreCog), John "Hammer" Ryder (silver wolf/former FBI Special Agent/Tracer), Kalen Black (Sorcerer/Necromancer/black panther shifter), Rowan Chase (recently turned silver wolf/Dreamwalker, mated to Aric Savage, sister to Micah), and A.J. Stone (human, former SWAT sniper)
  9. The compound where the Alpha Pack lives and works is technically called The Institute of Parapsychology. The Institute employs doctors and scientists who study the Pack team members and other paranormal creatures, striving to keep them healthy. A hospital is also housed in the compound, as well as a sanctuary for healing lost/injured paranormals.
  10. And the Number One thing readers should know about the Alpha Pack is. . .

  11. Smoking. Hot. Navy SEAL. Shifters. Maybe that's all you really needed to know!
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