Dear Reader Letter, Playlist, and Excerpt from Laura Wright's, Eternal Sin

My Friends,

Yippee! It's here!

Heh, heh. Can you tell I'm excited?!?

It's because...well, it's Synjon!

Sigh...I've wanted to tell this story from the first time Syn showed up on paper. And boy, he didn't disappoint. He's a bad Brit with a wrecked heart and lost emotions, true. But with Petra and the life growing inside of her, he's forced to deal with it—and it's just killer explosive.

Honestly, Eternal Sin is one of my favorite Mark of the Vampire books. It's super romantic and slightly tragic, and there's nothing I like better than exploring those two themes together.

I hope you enjoy Eternal Sin, the new landscape, and all the Shifters. Please let me know.

And—as always—happy reading,


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Soundtrack for Eternal Sin

Love the Way You Lie: Eminem, featuring Rihanna
I Want to Know What Love Is: Foreigner
Fallen: Evanescence
Somebody That I Used to Know: Gotye
Bittersweet Symphony: The Verve
Love After War: Robin Thicke
Home: Zero 7
Forever: Kiss


Eternal Sin
Eternal Sin

Laura Wright

Paperback: Mass Market


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