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Essay and Excerpt from The Bride Wore Black Leather by Simon R. Green

This month, Ace publishes The Bride Wore Black Leather, the 12th book in the Nightside series. Read with the author Simon Green has to say about saying farewell to his most famous character.

It's been a while, since I first took that unexpected wrong turning, and ended up walking through the Nightside. That sick, secret, magical heart of London, where it's always night, always dark, always three o'clock in the morning, the hour that breaks men's hearts. Where gods and monsters go out on the pull, where shops with hot neon like hell's candy will sell you your hearts' desire, or something very like it. Where the music never stops, the song goes on forever, and you can dance till you bleed. Where you can drink with heroes and villains and everyone in between, in the oldest bar in the world.

Now, after a dozen books, John Taylor's tale is told. Not over, certainly. There are still more stories to come, in times to come; but for now John's story has come full circle, ending as all the best stories do, with the triumph of true love, and a wedding. John Taylor will return, and all his friends and enemies will return; but now it's time for all concerned to take a rest.

As all lost souls find their way home, at last.

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