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Essay from the Editor and Excerpt from Doctor Who: Shada

Many of us of a certain age remember exactly where we were when we first read Douglas Adams. I was lying on a couch in my first husband's apartment, and while reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I laughed so hard that tears rolled down my face. I think it was the obsequious door that caused the tears—if you read Hitchhiker, you'll remember the door. And if you laughed at that door, you'll recognize the voice of the villain Skagra's spaceship, in Shada, and it will just delight you to hear that voice again. (If you laughed so hard tears ran down your face, you should abandon this website right now and run for a bookstore near you, or the virtual equivalent.)

Douglas Adams died too soon; everybody agrees on that. By all accounts he was a wonderful guy as well as one of the funniest writers ever to have a good idea. But Gareth Roberts is a very funny writer too, and he has managed to capture his tone wonderfully, and fill in the gaps in the story that Adams apparently never went back to after a BBC strike made it impossible for this six script story arc of Doctor Who to be filmed. Shada is a really funny book. The Doctor is just right. If you like Doctor Who OR Douglas Adams, and certainly if you like both, you'll have a great time reading Shada.

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Doctor Who: Shada
Doctor Who: Shada

Gareth Roberts



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