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Excerpt and Author Essay from The Mist-Torn Witches, by Barb Hendee

This month, Barb Hendee launches a new series––one certain to appeal to readers of her best–selling co–authored Noble Dead novels. Read what she says about it.

The world of the Noble Dead has come a long way in twelve years, and although I've so enjoyed developing and expanding new countries—and even new continents—with JC, there have been days when I've missed the dark, dripping nations of the first three novels.

I absolutely loved writing Sister of the Dead set in Droevinka, the land of Magiere's birth, and I often thought that if I had the chance to write a new series, I'd go back there. I'm drawn to the medieval politics and the warlord princes. I love the heavy forests and cloudy skies and the traveling gypsies and superstitious villagers and the old stone castles. I mean … who doesn't love traveling gypsies and old stone castles?

I also had a blast working with main characters who begin to realize they have more power than they ever could have envisioned.

p>So, with this new series, our heroines, CÚline and Amelie Fawe, start off in one of those grubby little villages in Droevinka, with CÚline playing at being a "seer," and soon, the sisters find themselves rushed into a rapid change of circumstance due to the ambitions of two of those warlord princes, and the sisters begin to discover a good deal more about themselves, their abilities, and their connections to the traveling gypsies …

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